Marzipan has a long history of tradition in European baking. It is a decadent European confection with the main ingredients being a mixture of sugar and ground almonds. Marzipan is very common in Europe; however it is more of a luxury here in the United States. The most common uses of marzipan are to cover cakes and be covered in chocolate to make candies. It is also handcrafted into fruit and small animals.

Marizpan Cake

Currently we offer a 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 and 1/16 sheet traditional marzipan cakes. Our cake has a layer of raspberry / strawberry filing with a generous second layer of real whipped cream that is then covered with marzipan that is made from scratch. We also do wedding & speciality cakes!!! Contact us for details.

Other Products

We currently offer other products such as Marizpan Kisses, Kransekake & Krotetten. Note that these items are special order. We are considering adding other items so check back and see what nutty things we come up with.


Note that orders must be received by 4 pm the day prior to delivery.


We are currently closed due to a commerical kitchen remodel. We anticipate resuming operations soon. Please check back or contact us for details.

Order & Delivery

Nutty Baker is located in Provo and manufactures its products in a commercial kitchen. We do not have a store front but do offer delivery of our products at a small cost. Currently we delivery on Saturday. Please contact us at 801-609-4688 or via email at nutty@nuttybaker.com to place an order and schedule a delivery.